Billy Madison

Year: 1995
Studio: Universal
Director: Tamra Davis
Writer: Tim Herlihy/Adam Sandler
Cast: Adam Sandler, Bridgette Wilson
Sandler's The Jerk, his Blues Brothers, his The Mask. Unlike those auspicious cinematic bows by Saturday Night Live graduates however, this should be wiped from the historical record.

This deplorable excuse for a comedy comes straight from the 'movies aren't curing brain cancer' file. I don't think I'd have found it funny even when I was ten years old. Or if I was retarded...

Capitalising on his TV persona of immaturity and idiocy, Sandler is a rich kid in a big mansion who's never had to grow up, but who suddenly has to agree to go through all of school in a matter of weeks. If he graduates, he's inherit the company from his retiring father.

Anything else you need to know? Sandler mugs like a moron, and here's where I'd normally say some well known actor or other should be ashamed of themselves, but apparently everybody I'd recognise was smart enough to stay right away.

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