Birthday Girl

A pretty bizarre choice for Nicole Kidman. Ben Chaplin is a weedy British loser who gets a mail order bride from Russia. She turns up not able to speak a word of English, and he wants to send her back but for the hot lovin' she starts dishing out.

When two strangers show up on the doorstep, apparently relations of hers, he's unable to get rid of them until they turn on him and reveal their scam - she speaks perfect English, poses as a escaping Russian woman desperate for asylum in the UK and insinuates herself into men's lives before her 'relations' show up and take whatever they can.

But it turns out he's either really in love with her or just wants revenge because he refuses to let her go, and it just so happens that on this particular scam the boyfriend turns out to be a bastard, making it too convenient for him to enjoy a happy ending with her.

Apparently shot entirely in Australia, a condition of Kidman doing the movie. Well directed but unfortunately it doesn't know if it wants to be a romantic comedy or a mystery thriller, and while it's possible to blend the two, it's not done too well here.

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