Black Hawk Down

Lightning paced war film again pushing the envelope of realism (and upping the ante on war-shock syndrome) in the vein of Saving Private Ryan as elite US Army forces, intending to breeze into and out of militia-controlled territory in Mogadishu in 1993, get shot down and hemmed in, finfing themselves in an urban Vietnam.

It's stunningly realistic under Scott's eye and well produced thanks to Bruckheimer's Hollywood clout and deep pockets. Appropriately gritty performances are given by all except for Bana in his breakout Hollywood role as a too-cool, Terminator-like supersoldier who doesn't seem human (and isn't comfortable with an American accent either, joined by McGregor looking similarly shaky with it).

Niggles? Sure - the comic trio lost in the city, unsure whether their orders were to stay put or follow, are seriously out of place. And the character of General Garrison (Shepard) is just too slick action thriller cool to further the sense of realism. Sizemore is becoming a staple of war movies of late and is joined by Pearl Harbour co-stars Hartnett and Fichtner.

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