Blade: Trinity

Year: 2004
Director: David S Goyer
Cast: Wesley Snipes, Jessica Biel, Ryan Reynolds, Parker Posey, Kris Kristofferson
Coming full circle in quality if not subject matter, this is a huge step down from Del Toro's brilliant handling of the franchise in Blade II, more in line with the original.

While hardly at all about vampires, it makes too many errors and messes in the premise, the setup, the execution and the style.

For one thing, the vampires have apparently woken the original vampire who you presume will lord over the earth and cause either supremacy or destruction of the whole race. Neither the actor who plays him - with his box-shaped head - nor the things the story has him doing, carry enough menace or world-stopping finality to make you believe he's really Dracula, as he's supposed to be. When the climatic payoff comes, he causes no such destruction or supremacy, but simply unleashes a virus that affects his kindred in the immediate area.

It builds up too much of the 'this is the absolutely biggest and baddest this story can get' and then doesn't come even close to paying it off.

And the character of Blade himself is extremely boring. After three movies of being ever-ready to deliver a clever quip, carry out a perfectly executed manoeuvre, never put a foot wrong or show vulnerability of any sort, the character has neither changed, developed, nor had any interesting traits.

The support characters are a mishmash and don't fit well together, although Ryan Reynolds is funny without being relegated to comic sidekick status, and the action is by turns too contrived and not convincing enough.

But the clincher, as always, was the marketing liaison sitting in New Line offices reading scripts and saying 'we can put a 20 inch G5 display here', 'we can put an iPod here', 'we can mention playlists here'. Apple must have put up half the production costs for the film, by the number of times their products are mentioned or shown.

Leave Hellboy and come back, Guillermo - you're the only one who can do it right.

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