Blades of Glory

Year: 2007
Studio: Dreamworks SKG
Director: Josh Gordon/Will Speck
Cast: Will Ferrell, Jon Heder, Will Arnett, Amy Poehler, William Fitchner, Craig T Nelson
As funny and clever as Talladega Nights, though much the same. It's actually smartest about creating a realistic world nobody who lives in it realises is so ridiculous. Just watch the TV spots about each skater, Chaz (Ferrell) and Jimmy (Heder). They very, very subtly portray the whole scene as frankly comical, but it's taken seriously by the movie itself, which - though it's a cliché - helps us identify with the characters.

The laughs make the whole movie as Ferrell and Heder are mortal enemy Olympic figure skaters who are both banned for life when they start a fight on the winner's podium after their bout is declared a draw.

Years later, at rock bottom (Ferrell's scene as a drunk elf in an ice skating pantomime is a scream), their former coach realises they can skate again if they form the sport's first male duo.

Cue a lot of predictable but well-done gay jokes, but the more subversive digs are at the thriller genre. When Michaels is being chased by arch enemy Stranz (Arnett) to the stadium, they leave the icy streets and the chase comes down several notches as they enter the arena and have to pick their way carefully across the floor in ice skates, stopping to chat about their costumes on the escalator.

It could have been a stupid idea stupidly done, but the comedy lifts the material and the show is all Ferrell's, Heder not quite matching his energy or comic verve.

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