Blame it on the Bellboy

Year: 1992
Director: Mark Herman
Writer: Mark Herman
Cast: Dudley Moore, Richard Griffiths, Bryan Brown, Bronson Pinchot, Patsy Kensit
A classic comedy of errors in every sense of the word. Three men descend on Venice for three very different purposes. Lawton (Brown) is a mob hit man hunting a mark. Horton (Griffiths) is a middle-aged desperado meeting a blind date through a dating agency and seriously expecting some action. And Orton (Moore) is a weedy, nondescript businessman meeting a real estate broker to hammer out a deal.

Because of the confused bellboy at the ritzy hotel they're all staying at, (Pinchot, fresh off his string of late 80s success in Beverly Hills Cop that would culminate in the rest of his body of work, like Second Sight and TV's Perfect Strangers), they all get mixed up.

Lawton is presented with the lonely lady sent from the dating agency and they fall in love. Horton meets the real estate broker, a hot young Patsy Kensit, who doesn't miss his intentions and shags him (thinking it's a condition of the deal), and Orton is met with the fearsome mafia don who believes he's the killer sent to make the hit on him and is prepared to torture the truth about his employers out of him.

Cutting back and forth between these three unravelling stories is a nice device to carry a ninety minute film and the result is both charming and funny.

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