Blood Moon

Year: 1989
Production Co: Village Roadshow Pictures
Director: Alec Mills
Writer: Robert Brennan

Around the time I was getting to the end of high school and wearing high top sneakers and hair gel, someone in Australia got their hands on what looks like about $1m and decided to make an unashamedly commercial slasher movie modeled on the greats like Friday the 13th and Halloween . You can see the style of the time from a mile away in the costumes, the styles, the hair and make-up and even the acting.

When a serial killer strikes at a girls' boarding school out in the country, a group of laughably chaste teenagers with too much mousse in their mullets go about their business while the bodies pile up. Central to the story is the relationship that develops between the pretty and virginal heroine and one of the local lads determined to be better than his blue-collar roots.

The secret is blown a little bit early and from there it just turns into a generic chase thriller for a movie that wasn't very exciting to begin with, trying to borrow every horror movie style from the American cinema of the time and revealing cracks in scripting and performance like canyons.

But here's the most interesting thing - I remember it in the newspaper ads when it came out. The theatrical release included a short intermission that let audience members who were too frightened to stay walk to a special yellow booth in the lobby to get their money back, called the 'Chicken Walk'. Watching it now, I can see a few people needing to leave to get their breath back after laughing so much, but it might explain how the killer's reveal affected the structure.

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