Blood Work

Clint is capable of much better stuff than this seen-it-too-many-times detective drama/thriller - even his usual detective drama/thrillers are better than this. Maybe his age is making his taste flaky and simplistic as well as slowing him down on screen - he looks a little more ridiculous playing the part of the hardened crime fighter with every passing year.

When the sister of the woman who subsequently donated his transplanted heart after her murder comes to ask his help, it comes to seem like the woman (and others like her) was killed because of him. The twist at the end is pretty surprising, and the best performance in the film is (as always) Jeff Daniels, playing a different part than every other role he's played before. Apart from that, the premise is a very average midday TV movie cop drama and Eastwood might be losing his touch for edgy and exciting movies.

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