Superb, true to the times life story of George Jung, America's most visible drug dealer and the man who (according to the film) invented the market for coke in the early 80's. Depp once again shines in yet another role he seems tailor made for.

Determined not to fall into the working man's curse of never enough money, young George heads to the beaches of California where everyone is getting high in the early seventies. Realising he can make a decent living, he starts selling it, and over the course of the next two decades he became an American legend, frontman for Pablo Escobar and with tens of millions of dollars in laundered accounts.

Demme tells the story from a very human perspective, and the serious portrayal of the ridiculous fashions and music of each period pulls everything together perfectly. Some stellar acting and a fantastic narrative draw you in from the first moment. A little overlong at the end, but a story of the American Dream gone wrong as good as Casino.

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