Blue Crush

It had all the hallmarks of a girls-own-adventure teen flick, and to a large extent it is, but slick performances and great cinematography make it better than your average Saturday night teens-fall-in-love movie. Three hotshot surfer chicks in Hawaii are trying to crack the big time while working dead end jobs as hotel maids. One of them (Bosworth, fresh and sexy in a tomboy kind of way) has the makings to be a champ, except for a recent accident haunting her and holding her back.

Things are complicated more when she falls for a visiting football pro and his team, drawing the ire of her posse, including the ever-masculine Michelle Rodriguez. Of course everything turns out nicely for all invovled (it is still a teen movie after all), and it doesn't take a big stretch to digest, but it looks great thanks to surprisingly good acting and a story that mostly keeps hold of you.

To the producer and directors' credit, there's no overt flesh flashing - it must have been a temptation considering it's about three teenage girls living in Hawaii who love surfing. And in an interesting piece of trivia, it shares a creative link with Adaptation. New York Times columnist Susan Orlean, who wrote The Orchid Thief (on which Charlie Kaufman's self-referential script of Adaptation was based) also wrote the article Surf Girls of Maui on which the movie is based.

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