Boa vs Python

Year: 2004
Production Co: Blaze Productions LLC
Director: David Flores
Cast: Angel Boris
A poster in search of a movie. So far below Z grade in quality it's not even part of the alphabet. And that doesn't mean it's a bad film. It wears its complete absence of quality proudly on its sleeve with the worst characterisations you've ever seen, the worst dialogue you've ever heard, and CGI so bad you can see better on a first generation Playstation game.

A rich industrialist sells the ultimate weekend sport to other rich people - bringing exotic wild game into the country, letting it loose and then having them all hunt it down. When the 80 foot python he's sneaking in from South America gets loose en route to Philadelphia, the FBI agent in charge and the impossibly young and attractive dolphin wrangler go to a herpetologist who's bred his own giant boa constrictor (inexplicably red).

They have to implant the sensory equipment used in dolphins (cameras, etc - a Macguffin to show us some action away from the dire script) and unleash it to hunt down the escaped monster heading for the city.

High camp (an 80 foot snake giving a woman cunnilingus) and video nasty (two snakes pull a man in half in their jaws) combine with the worst of every filmmaking craft to make this a so-good-its-bad classic worthy of a hundred midnight screenings.

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