Body Heat

Year: 1981
Writer: Lawrence Kasdan
Cast: William Hurt, Kathleen Turner, Ted Danson, Richard Crenna, Mickey Rourke
Blandly uninteresting noir thriller where Hurt plays a shady lawyer and Turner the dangerous dame he can't help falling for even though she spells trouble.

The high concept pitch is that's it's the hot southern states and things are set to burn as lawyer Ned (Hurt) meets and pursues babe Maddy (Turner). They embark on an affair and she convinces him to help her murder her cruel, manipulative husband (Crenna).

Of course, nothing is as it seems and even though the hero is a streetwise Joe, he can't see the trouble the dame represents even though his friends can and try to warn him off, watching him get in increasingly hot water.

It's been done a million times before and since, often better. Hurt is all wrong for the Fred McMurray/Sam Spade-like part of the hero, but for trivia fans, watch our for the name of the Ladd Company who produced the film (taken from Alan Ladd Jr, the Fox executive who greenlit Star Wars, and a seemingly pre-pubescent Mickey Rourke.

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