Bondi Tsunami

Year: 2005
Production Co: Bulesque Productions
Director: Rachel Lucas
Writer: Rachel Lucas
If you're expecting to sit down and watch a movie with a narrative and a plot, you'll be sorely disappointed with Bondi Tsunami. It's - as the distributor and director have both said - a travelogue, an MTV-inspired movie with a set of loosely connected scenes and images, not a story in the classical sense.

Purely as an exercise in filmmaking, it's brilliant. The cinematography is distinctive, the mood evoked by the director perfectly captured in every frame.

Looking through a heavily filtered eye at the Japanese surf culture in Australia, it follows the enigmatic surfer Shark as he makes his way north from Sydney to the Gold Coast, sharing vibes, waves and his existential outlook with the friends and strangers who accompany him on the way.

But as director Lucas herself says, it's more like a chillout album to be played in the background of a party than be watched linearly like a movie, and that's the best way to appreciate it.

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