One of those surprise straight to video movies that turns out pretty good. A group of kids buy an old apartment building to convert it to a nightclub, unaware that a malevolent spirit lives there; the ghost of Jimmy Bones (Dogg), murdered 20 years before in a gangland killing.

Bones was a local street-level gangster who drives a big car and wears snappy suits but loves his people. He was also the main squeeze of local girl (Grier), now a grown up spirit medium with a daughter who takes a liking to one of the kids refurbishing the nightclub.

Battling local as well as their various parents' prejudices, the kids work day and night on the building, with no idea their presence is bringing the body of the former gangster closer back to life with the help of a spirit guide dog.

He rises from the dead on opening night and all hell predictably breaks loose in the club, including an effective and repugnant shower of maggots.

In fact, there are plenty of gruesome and gory scenes throughout the movie, giving it a further edge over the other theme of a revenge thriller.

But it's all well written, directed and acted, with some interesting characters around the periphery of the story, and much worse movies die the video death.

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