Boondock Saints

Year: 1999
Production Co: Franchise Pictures
Director: Troy Duffy
Writer: Troy Duffy
Cast: Sean Patrick Flannery, Willem Dafoe, Billy Connolly

It was only after watching Overnight I was the least bit curious to see the film all this fuss had been caused about.

After Harvey Weinstein put the project into turnaround, psychotic megalomaniac Troy Duffy got funding from second rate backer Franchise Pictures. It gave Duffy half the budget Weinstein had promised him and honestly I don't think any more money would have made much difference to such a turgid script or overblown characters.

Two brothers wear their Boston-Irish working class tough charm on their sleeves, wearing identical black coats and taking it upon themselves to do away with the scum bringing drugs and crime into their city by ritually executing the perpetrators they identify.

An eccentric gay FBI agent (Dafoe) is on their tails and the crime bosses affected decide to send in their best clean-up man, the enigmatic Il Duce (Connolly) who provides the basis for a final twist.

Duffy desperately wants to be Guy Ritchie or Quentin Tarantino but neither the script nor his eye as a director has the finesse to come within a shadow of the best work of either. It borrows/homages/steals elements from far better films such as biblical references and the socio-politics of the locality, but they're shoe-horned in clumsily instead of flowing with the story.

Watch for Duffy wearing overalls in a bar scene near the beginning.

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