The Bourne Identity

Too pretty to be true Jason Bourne (Damon) is pulled, unconscious, out of the water in the Mediterranean Sea by French fisherman one dark stormy night. He doesn't know a thing about who he is, where he's come from, or how he came to be floating there with a transmitter implanted under his skin (containing a Swiss bank account number) and bullet wounds on his back.

The Swiss bank turns up a dizzying array of spy gear, gun, fake passports and belongings, leads him to his (apparent) Paris pad and plunges him deeper into the mystery.

Meanwhile his real benefactors and employers, the CIA, are tracking him down to neutralise their weapon. Bourne is a highly trained CIA assassin who was supposed to die at the end of his last mission, not find himself tearing around Europe with amnesia.

With babe (Potente) in tow for the requisite help and shag, Bourne crosses Europe trying to find out his own secrets with an assortment of cold blooded CIA killers after him.

A rip roaring Cold War-era action drama, brought to effective life on screen by all concerned, who weave an intricate, action packed movie.

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