Apparently this movie didn't do very good business on its release, which I found surprising. It must mean there aren't enough Steve Martin fans in the world to return the investment on a movie, because as this was Martin's first major screen comedy appearance in almost a decade (since the early 90s and the days of LA Story), I thought everyone would be as excited as I was.

And the excitement was worth it. Martin is Bobby Bowfinger, a struggling moviemaker trying to get his big break in Hollywood before he reaches the critical cut off point of 50 years old (after which everyone considers one washed up). He'll try anything to snag major action film star Kit Ramsey (Murphy), but when Ramsey refuses, Bowfinger films the entire movie guerilla-style around the star without his ever knowing.

It's a funny enough set up to begin with, but the cast of supporting characters all fill every remaining frame with their own laughs, from the actress scared of passing her prime and Ramsey's nerdy brother who stumbles into the production to the starlet (Graham) straight off the bus from Small Town USA who goes through the entire cast and crew to sleep her way to the top and the screenwriter/production accountant.

There's enough heart to make you feel glad for Bowfinger when Chubby Rain finally screens, and the final sequence of his first studio film (Fake Purse Ninjas) will have you shrieking with laughter. Also interesting in that it was one of an unbroken string of roles for Graham where she plays a porn actress, prostitute or outright slut.

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