Year: 2006
Production Co: Molloy Boy Productions
Director: Kevin Carlin
Producer: Mick Molloy
Writer: Mick Molloy
Cast: Glenn Robbins, Mick Molloy, Gary Eck, Bob Franklin, Waybe Hope, Sally Phillips, Lachy Hulme
Halfway between the crowd-pleasing, smash-hit, everything-we-love-about-Australians The Castle and its progeny that got worse and worse until the likes of You and Your Stupid Mate, Boytown made a big splash and was routinely disliked by critics but which audiences liked at least in the early weeks of release.

A former world-beating boy band have grown up and moved on, until their leading member Benny (Robbins) decides to have another crack at the big time, convincing the former members and their shady producer Marty (Hulme) to try again.

When their first attempts fail, the boys realise they're singing to the wrong demographic and start targeting their former fans - now fortysomething suburban mothers - with songs about domestic bliss.

Some laughs, many predictable and plenty of scenes straight of a comedy skit show. Makes sense really, as the cast reads like a who's who of Australia skit comedy going right back to the days of The Comedy Company and The D generation.

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