The Brave One

Year: 2007
Production Co: Redemption Pictures
Director: Neil Jordan
Writer: Roderick Taylor/Bruce A Taylor/Cynthia Mort
Cast: Jodie Foster, Terrence Howard, Naveen Andrews, Mary Steenburgen, Nicky Katt
It could have just been a more sensitive, female Death Wish , but under Neil Jordan's accomplished direction and with Jodie Foster's dramatic heft (albeit in a role that's a walk in the park for her), it's as much as you hope for and better than you expect.

After living in terror following the late night attack on her and boyfriend that left him dead, radio announcer Erica (Foster) finds herself unable to function, suffering agoraphobia and distrusting the New York she previously loved as she spoke about the heart of the city and its slow gentrification on her show.

But there's only one way to stop feeling scared in Hollywood - arm yourself. When Erica turns vigilante and starts bumping off low-lives left and right, clever cop Mercer (Howard) is assigned to the case. The two are drawn together despite him having no idea his new friend is the killer he's looking for, and when Erica gets her chance for the ultimate revenge, it leaves him in a difficult position.

Realistically portrayed and acted with naturalistic assurance, it gives the tired old mythology several new thematic spins and it is indeed different seeing it coming from a woman.

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