Bright Star

Year: 2009
Production Co: Jan Chapman Pictures
Director: Jane Campion
Producer: Jan Chapman
Writer: Jane Campion
Cast: Abbie Cornish, Ben Wishaw, Kerry Fox, Thomas Sangster

Australia's Abbie Cornish plays the spirited neighbour of poet John Keats in Jane Campions latest film. Going up against the likes of Avatar at the box office will mean it gets almost no attention, but it's for people who not only aren't interested in the thrills and spills of Hollywood but who aren't bothered by details like plot.

That sounds snippy, but it really isn't intended to be. Some audiences - particularly Campion fans - are happy to just let the landscapes, settings, sights and sounds seep into them rather than enjoy the 'what happens next' of more traditional storytelling.

The love affair between Keats and Brawne is chaste, all winsome glances and brushed hands over bonnets in the English countryside, and history tells us it was short lived after Keats - considering himself a failure as a poet - travelled to Italy to convalesce from an illness he didn't survive.

I hesitate to say it's not a good movie because like all Campion's work it's textured and very high quality. It's simply that it's languid almost to a fault. Very little happens and despite looking beautiful it's very hard to stick with.

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