A Bronx Tale

Year: 1993
Director: Robert De Niro
Writer: Chazz Palminteri
Cast: Robert De Niro, Chazz Palminteri, Joe Pesci
The collective creativity of two of Hollywood most prolific pseudo mobsters comes together in this coming of age story that - while heavy-handed and unsubtle at times - strikes a chord.

Calogero/'C' grows up more or less with two fathers; local crime boss Sonny (Palminteri) and his hard working blue collar dad (De Niro). Both offer positives and negatives to C's existence, and the story follows him as he grows up from boyhood to the onset of manhood, often having to choose between the two lives pulling at him.

De Niro and Palminteri - as different as their roles are and as tailor made they are to play them - could have switched roles quite easy, and that explains a lot of the synergy between De Niro's direction (to date as I write this, his only credited directorial effort), and Palminteri's scriptwriting. They both have an innate feel for Noo Yawk vernacular, the Italian/Roman Catholic immigrant experience, the hierarchy of both crime and work, war and peace on the streets, and the choices facing kids from that life.

It's engaging, interesting, something of a stageplay in scope and feel, but worth watching.

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