Brother Bear

Year: 2003
Studio: Disney
Director: Aaron Blaise/Robert Walker
Cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Rick Moranis, D B Sweeney
Following a well worn path, this film sticks faithfully to the Disney formula from the opening frame. A trio of native American brothers (who behave remarkably like modern white suburban teenagers) are coming of age, receiving their totems - the usual politically correct concession western pop culture makes towards minorities after spending two centuries stamping their way of life out.

When one is killed by a bear, the young hothead (Phoenix) goes in pursuit, bent of vengeance. Becoming a bear himself, he goes through the usual fish out of water nuances before learning his gag-worthy Disney lesson; every creature has family bonds, no animal except man is evil or vengeful, and we should respect the Earth (and not bulldoze dozens of acres of Florida swampland for theme parks).

Joachim Phoenix told UK's Total Film he only did the movie for the sake of his young nephews and nieces. I wouldn't own up to liking the story or characters either. The same Disney twaddle, all over again.

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