Bulletproof Monk

Somewhat of a mishmash of ideas as a Crouching Tiger aesthetic is infused within an action comedy with romantic and fantasy undertones. Yun Fat is the magical protector of an ancient scroll with the requisite power to destroy the world. He comes to America to find a worthy successor, whom he identifies in petty street thief Kar (William Scott), fighting his own battle against the street level elements and his romantic pursuance of gang babe Jade (King).

While tracked down by government agent-types employed by a psycho neo-Nazi intent on getting his hands on the scroll, the Monk has to teach Kar the finer points of supernatural mastery of the elements to become at once a lethal fighting machine and at peace with his surroundings.

Some good ideas, mostly stitched together well, where those that seemingly shouldn't belong somehow fit. Funny, at times exciting, and satisfying.

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