Bullets Over Broadway

Year: 1994
Director: Woody Allen
Writer: Woody Allen
Cast: John Cusack, Chazz Palminteri, Dianne Weist, Jennifer Tilly, Joe Viterelli, Mary-Louise Parker, Rob Reiner, Tracey Ullman, Jim Broadbent
Vintage Woody Allen, a comedy of both errors and sardonic wit as an idealistic playwright (Cusack) insists he's an artist.

When his producer gets money from a local mobster (Viterelli) to get his play off the ground, it comes with an unbearable catch; he wants his whining girlfriend (Tilly) to get a major part and she not only can't act, her very presence is annoying.

Sending a bagman (Palminteri) along to make sure the production adheres to his wishes adds insult to injury, but it irrevocably changes everyone involved. While he attempts to woo leading lady (Weist), the hero finds the mobster getting more and more involved in writing and even directing proceedings.

It has everything a Woody Allen should; funny and clever lines delivered well for maximum subtle effect. Gemstone subplots such as the leading man with the overeating disorder make it even better.

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