Burial Ground

Year: 1980
Director: Andrea Bianchi
The slowest zombies in movie history – even the chick with the broken ankle manages to stay out of their reach by shuffling slowly.

Ironically, they're also the smartest zombies in movie history, working together and using tools to get to their victims. They even (in the films final moments) lift the guy up to send him across a band saw rather than eat him.

A smattering of sex and nudity (usually absent from zombie territory), it shows a group of partygoers who arrive at a villa to eat, drink and fuck. The professor one of them was supposed to meet there has already gone missing, having opened a secret crypt on the property and unleashed the hordes of barely-moving flesheaters.

One by one the inhabitants (including the maid and butler) fall victim to the undead in ever-freaky ways. There's something both hysterically funny and sickeningly Oepidal about the kid biting his mother's nipple off; what's more his unnatural attraction is never explained.

The make-up effects range from ridiculous to great – with the worms squirming in the rotting flesh in true Argento style, and it's as much a laugh as it is a horror.

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