The Business of Strangers

What looked like a good idea and with two very talented leads never really went anywhere too deep and it was never entirely clear what it was about. On the surface, it seemed like a simple revenge story, but issues of women in business, gender politics and sexual politics seemed to play small parts too, none of them amounting to very much.

Stockard Channing is a high ranking executive on the road who's due to make a presentation for which her IT offsider (Julie Stiles) is late. When the presentation tanks and the offsider finally shows up, she takes her ire out on the younger woman and thinks no more about it.

When they meet again at the hotel they're both staying at, they appear to make friends, and indulge in a night of female bonding and the most kick-up-your-heels kind of fun women on their own have in today's world.

When a male colleague comes into the fray the drama cranks up as the younger girl claims he raped her years before. It's not until later the older realises that her young protégé has been duping her the entire way through. Great performances by two accomplished actresses, but it isn't enough to carry a movie.

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