Calendar Girls

A charming little film based on the true story of the local Knapley, Yorkshire Women's Institute chapter who produced a nude calendar to raise funds for the local hospital cancer unit following the death of one of their husbands.

Mirren and Walters are both lovely, lively and very deeply human as they go on the journey of talking around their contemporaries and friends into doing the calendar, putting it together, and the subsequent world fame that ensued.

The final half hour becomes both increasingly sublime (as the production design jars you badly between the floral, comfy villages of north England and the gilded gaudiness of Los Angeles) and increasingly Hollywood as the two friends almost fall out over what the project and their part in it has become, saving their friendship in the nick of time.

The great performances, superb casting and inherent intellect in a film that portrays a locality so faithfully make it worth watching.

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