Can’t Hardly Wait

Year: 1998
Studio: Columbia
Director: Harry Elfont/Deborah Kaplan
Writer: Harry Elfont/Deborah Kaplan
Cast: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ethan Embry, Seth Green, Lauren Ambrose

My strange and compulsive attraction to Jennifer Love Hewitt drove me to watch this movie, and as I expected, there's little other reason to watch it. I expected - and got - a teen romance comedy with a few chuckles.

It's one of the essential staples of the genre, lampooned in Not Another Teen Movie in the scene where the ethereally beautiful and popular girl walks into the party and the whole scene and everyone in it has to freeze and stare in awe.

The hero's had a crush on the school princess for years, but she's been going out with the moronic football team captain. They've recently broken up and he sees his chance at the big graduation party.

His best friend, the cute and quirky girl, is along for the ride and trying to talk sense into him while we can see her vulnerability.

The gang of wiggas led by Seth Green in an early role posture about how much pussy they're going to get but we see who he truly is when he's locked in a bathroom with the cute and quirky best friend.

Then there's the team of nerds who want to get revenge on the jocks for the years of relentless bullying and myriad other stereotypes to orbit this multifaceted story as their individual desires and antagonisms pad out the running time.

I kept wanting to see the hero finally get the girl of his dreams and the final coda where they finally say how they feel in the train station before he goes off to college might have been sweeter than most 'ride off into the subset' moments, or it might just have been the delicious Love Hewitt that made me think it was.

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