Capitalism: A Love Story

Year: 2009
Production Co: Overture/Dog Eat Dog
Director: Michael Moore
Producer: Michael Moore/Kathleen Glynn
Writer: Michael Moore
Cast: Michael Moore

The sheen might be coming off Michael Moore after close to a decade of hits, with a very uninspiring box office take. As America struggles out of recession maybe people just didn't want to be reminded about how bad things got and how deeply their politicians, banks and the business world shafted them. Maybe they're just sick of Moore's grandstanding.

Love him or hate him, his films - and this one's no different - are essential viewing. He might cherry pick facts. He might embellish stories. He might even make stuff up to support his case. But the truth is that plenty of Americans are gun nuts, Bush did hijack the 2000 election, the US health system is a joke, and the rich do run Wall Street like a giant casino while the poor suffer for it when it all falls apart.

Not only is everything he claims generally true whether or not you like his methods, but he's the only one saying it with a broad enough platform to make an impact (but is one of his last lines - 'I can't do this anymore' his retirement statement?)

He shows us a few of the human stories and the facts, from the foreclosures in middle America while New York executives make off in their corporate jets to their holiday houses and then ask Congress for more to a government hopelessly compromised by corporate interests.

As always, his films are lively and colourful, entertaining and flashy, but it's the message you take away that makes it worth seeing.

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