Year: 1995
Director: Brad Silberling
Cast: Bill Pullman, Christina Ricci, Catherine Moriarty, Eric Idle
The CG era was a good time to bring a big screen Casper to the screen. Ricci is the long-suffering daughter of scientist Pullman, who moves her from place to place in his studies of the paranormal and eventually settles in the house where Casper and his oafish housemates live.

The most interesting thing (apart from the project having its genesis in the executive production powers of Spielberg) is the set design; on a normal set you'd build half a room, the crew set up in the un-built half to capture the action. On the DVD commentary, director Silberling (who went on to do Lemony Snicket) explains that because there were going to be ghosts flying around rooms, they had to build almost the whole room complete, with the crew working out of one tiny little corner.

It also happened to be the first film with a completely CG title character, paving the way for Hulk and many like him.

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