Cat’s Eye

Three short Stephen King stories made into a movie looked like a great idea and it works better than most Stephen King adaptations have but they're three of his least scary movies. In fact, Quitters Inc was more like a comedy (in written and filmed form). They're all related by the arrival and departure into each tale of the titular feline.

The first sees James Woods as a guy who wants to give up smoking and enlists the services of a mysterious company that promises results - when you've signed up with them, you don't smoke anymore. Or else.

Next the cat runs into the apartment building of Charles Durning, a nasty miscreant who's sprung his wife as having an affair with tennis instructor Robert Hays. Durning gives Hays a choice; walk around the outside of the building on the high ledge and if he makes it all the way around, he survives and keeps the girl.

Next the cat comes into the life of a little girl (Barrymore) who's the target for the malice of a tiny monster that wants to kill her by stealing her breath, and only the cat can fight it.

All three stories are interesting enough, but the whole production has a fairly cheap look that stands out a mile today. It marked one of the last performances by then 10 year old Barrymore before her decline into alcohol and drugs.

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