Tonight I’ll Sleep at Yours

Year: 2007
Production Co: SPAD Films
Director: Olivier Baroux
Writer: Olivier Baroux
Cast: Melanie Doutey, Jean-Paul Rouve

I've noticed two very distinct styles in French cinema. The first is a distinctly European art mindset where grimy, despicable people who never wash their hair get up to no good, such as in Read My Lips or The Prophet.

The other copies Hollywood and results in fluffy rom coms like The Valet. This film is definitely the latter, to the extent that the climax takes place in New York, the city of love from a million similar movies.

Alex meets and falls in love with the beautiful Laeticia (Doutey) but can't commit to her, making up a stupid story involving his best friend being clinically depressed. She leaves, he chases her, he still can't commit, she leaves again, he chases her, etc etc etc.

I don't know if it's just me, but I have a very hard time identifying with or generating any sympathy for an idiot who has such a hard time devoting himself to a beautiful girl who loves the ground he walks on.

The narrative is not only something you've seen a million times before, it's pretty repetitive. It's not exactly PG - there's one semi-opaque scene of the winsome Laeticia in the shower that pleasantly showcases leading lady Doutey's charms.

I heard her described as being like Audrey Tatou with backbone, a verdict I have to agree with. She has an unconventional beauty that's a mix of wide-eyed innocent and bombshell sexiness that's very compelling. Ironically, being a genre that's mostly targeted at women, there's very little to appeal to woman here.

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