Year: 2004
Studio: New Line
Director: David R Ellis
Producer: Dean Devlin
Cast: Chris Evans, Kim Basinger, William H Macy, Noah Emmerich, Jason Statham, Jessica Biel
As high a concept as you could wish for in a movie, tautly directed with gusto and great pacing by David R Ellis, who'd go on to the auspicious Snakes on a Plane.

A woman calls your mobile phone randomly, telling you she's been kidnapped and held in an attic somewhere and you have to get to the cops. What's more, you can't lose the call or you'll never hear from her again. What better hook on which to hang 90 minutes of tension?

Kim Basinger lays on the ham as the damsel in distress and of course she calls an irresponsible twentysomething who just wants to party, Ryan (Chris Evans), but he soon buys into her story and is racing all over LA trying to reach her, throw the bad guys off the scent of her son, get to her husbands safe deposit box etc before it's too late.

There's a nice interplay between Basinger, Evans and Macy as the doltish cop who's the only one to twig, and the script is very well drawn to hurl us from one situation to another through cause and effect.

Evans is like a young Michael J Fox, giving his role an energy and believability you wouldn't see from most prettyboy actors, and Statham is as menacing as ever.

The epitome of a chase movie - the unbelievable made real thanks to good editing, a great premise and actors and a director who take the idea seriously.

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