Center of the World

Year: 2001
Director: Wayne Wang
Writer: Wayne Wang
Cast: Peter Saarsgard, Molly Parker
Wayne Wang brings his videotaped, realistic aesthetic to the battle of the sexes debate with mixed results. With strong echoes of Leaving Las Vegas (because of the subject matter and not the location), he brings awkward dotcom millionaire Peter Sarsgaard and stripper/drummer Molly Parker together for a long weekend in Vegas.

We see their backstories during flashbacks, and see some sort of love blooming in the modern world of tawdry entertainment, detached emotions and capitalist consumption.

Very well written and acted, a stronger story would have heightened the impact, but it's Wang's style not to have the narrative jump from A to B like a Hollywood action movie, so it'd be a Godsend to some, a sleeping pill for others.

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