The Chain Reaction

Year: 1980
Production Co: Palm Beach Pictures
Director: Ian Barry
Producer: Ian Barry
Cast: Steve Bisley
If you've never seen Steve Bisley in the biggest mullet in movie history, you have to watch this early slice of the Australian New Wave.

From the extreme left of the Whitlam-era arts funding and under the execution of the only film director we had whose interests were commercial films with action and adventure (George Miller) comes this story of Big Brother and pollution gone mad, as a top secret nuclear facility in remote Australia has a bad spill which threatens to contaminate the local waterways.

The badly injured scientist who witnessed the accident goes on the run from the evil corporate overlords who just want to cover everything up. He's lost his memory as a result of the accident, and when he stumbles upon the secluded cabins of racing car driver Bisley and his lover they take pity on him as he tries to piece together what happened, unaware that the heavies are closing in...

Befitting the state of the industry at the time, it has hardly any of the big effects the premise gives you some hint of apart from few car chases, and aside from the usual hokeyness of the early 1970s, it's a good film to watch if you're interested in our film history.

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