Chaos Theory

Year: 2007
Production Co: Land Films
Director: Marcos Siega
Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Emily Mortimer, Stuart Townsend
To me Ryan Reynolds is an example of how subjective art is to us. Just like I find Michael Rooker irritates me, just like Woody Harrelson used to way back before The People vs Larry Flynt, there's something about Ryan Reynolds I just really like.

And it colours my view of movies he's in. He's frequently the best thing about every movie he's in, and this slightly comic drama with absolutely nothing else to offer is no different.

It's a strong (ish) idea - a motivational speaker who likes everything ordered and has everything in control finds living in the real world increasingly difficult when it comes to the disorder and chaos of the human heart.

A Shakespearian comedy of errors ensues when he comes across a car crash victim late one night on a country road, a woman about to give birth. Mix-ups and hi-jinks ensue before his wife (Mortimer, quirky and cute as always) starts to believe the baby's his.

The rest of the movie falls kind of flat as he tries to sort out the mess his life has become, his anger at his wife, his best friend (Townsend) and a suspicion that they're having an affair and that the daughter he's been raising is not his own.

Maybe a film with Reynolds made me expect less of an adult comedy. I've never seen him play a mature character like this. In fact, it's the first time I've seen Stuart Townsend play anything other than a preening pretty boy, so I wasn't even sure it was him for awhile.

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