Charlie & Boots

Year: 2009
Production Co: Instinct Entertainment
Director: Dean Murphy
Producer: Dean Murphy
Writer: Dean Murphy/Stewart Faichney
Cast: Paul Hogan, Shane Jacobson, Roy Billing

Another Australian film that was either ill-advised or rushed. It wasn't a bad idea - a father and son reconnecting in a funny and sad road trip following the death of their mum/wife. Even the casting of Hogan and Jacobsen looked good.

But the result was all over the place, and the movie doesn't know what it is. Take the story out and you're left with a lot of quirky/funny images that could come from an imaginative tourism campaign. Strip out the Australian road tripping travelogue scenes and you're left with a 45-minute story that's only partly related. Take the pointless subplots out and you're left with about 25 minutes.

Just one is of a young hitchhiker hoping to make it big in Tamworth who drifts in and out of the story a few times but has no effect on the plot. It's as if the writer knew how slight the material was and had to chuck in a whole lot of other stuff to pad it out to a movie length.

Some of the jokes are funny, but a few laughs does not a movie make. What was most worrisome was realising Paul Hogan's old enough to be my father and I'm Shane Jacobsen's age.

Director Murphy has a TV approach that doesn't suit cinema in either structure or visuals, and I think this is all the evidence we need to know the producer systems is in dire straits in Australia.

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