Charlotte’s Web

Year: 1973
Director: Charles A. Nichols/Iwao Takamoto
Writer: E B White
Cast: Debbie Reynolds, Danny Bonaduce, Paul Lind
I don't think there'd be many people born after 1960 for whom this isn't a magical part of their childhood. Or maybe it's just me - I had the novel as a kid and must have read it two dozen times.

The story of smarter than average piglet Wilbur on the farm of young Fern who befriends inventive spider Charlotte, who between them hatch a scheme to save Wilbur from the kitchen table by weaving messages into her web.

Adapted from E B White's beloved book, it featured some big Hollywood names at the time, including Debbie Reynolds and Danny Bonaduce, and also showed a tender touch with the art of animation, depicting misty farm mornings and the movement of nature beautifully.

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