The Chaser

Year: 2008
Production Co: Fine Cut
Director: Hong-jin Na
Writer: Hong-jin Na/Won-Chan Hong

No, it's not the ABC comedy troupe as they menace the security posts at the 2008 Sydney AEC conference, but the story of a cop turned pimp trying to track down some missing girls of his employ. Sure they've run off so as to avoid their debts to him, Joong-ho goes on the trail using his police experience and discovers most of the disappearances have been at the sprawling suburban Seoul house of a regular customer.

Little does Joong-ho or the police know, the house is home to a psychopathic killer who's bought several girls only and murder and dismember them. He sets a trap by following one of his girls to the creep's place to see what's gone on, but when she discovers there's no mobile reception inside, she can't give Joong-ho the address as planned and is trapped inside and the killer starts to unpack his instruments of torture.

There are a lot of subplots, it takes a long time to get where it's going and it suffers from an oversupply of endings, and despite a good premise it's a pretty stock standard action thriller story, so several scenes of genuine fear and horror are upsetting almost to the point they don't seem to belong in the movie.

Tiresomely, it's already been picked up by an American studio for the inevitable remake, as if they think the Departed effect will rub off on them.

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