Chasing Amy

Before Kevin Smith & View Askew's staple band of characters descended from grunge film maker indie cred to full-blown slapstick buffoon comedy, he (and they) went too far he other way in this tale of sexual politics meets affairs of the heart.

With a lot of sensitivity to its subject matter (maybe too much), it deals with cartoonists Holden (Affleck) and Banky (Lee, cynical and miserable to excellent comic effect) and the lesbian Alyssa, who Holden falls in love with.

The two become friends as Holden tries to make his way into her affections while alienating himself from Banky, who's convinced gay women are nothing but trouble.

Some great View Askew characters like squealing fag Hooper posing as a black supremacist (with a classic monologue on the racial politics of Star Wars), and the expected appearance of Jay & Silent Bob (whose increasing presence brought the whole 'backstory' of Smith films into the realms of mainstream gross-out comedy).

Interesting themes and takes on love, unusual and likeable characters, but not the best effort from Smith & Co.

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