Cherry 2000

Year: 1987
Production Co: ERP Productions
Director: Steve De Jamatt
Cast: Melanie Griffith , David Andrews, Marshall Bell, Lawrence Fishburne, Brion James
It was one of the coolest ideas for a movie last century - such a strong premise it could have been the best movie ever made. It had the potential for everything that makes a movie exciting and cool; science fiction thrills, love and sex, violence at the hands of warfare gadgetry, an epic chase as the central showpiece.

With two big stars sharing white hot chemistry, a cruel, despicable and irresistible villain, some very expensive and inspiring production design and a raft of special effects, it could have been Mad Max meets Endless Love meets Debbie Does Dallas meets The Terminator meets A Scanner Darkly.

Unfortunately, all they had was Melanie Griffith, a nobody eighties actor in David Andrews, a debut director and miniscule budget, and it all shows through too many cracks in the action, effects, sets and performances.

Sam (Andrews) lives in a city of the future where his girlfriend is a devoted and tireless robot who cooks, cleans, dresses up beautifully for him and keeps him happy in a gentlemanly way.

When she short circuits during a passionate tryst on the kitchen floor thanks to the water they're rolling around in, Sam's dream girl seems no more. But because he's able to retrieve her mind functions and memory thanks to the mini CD from behind her ear, he only has to get his hands on a body from the same production batch and it'll be like she never left.

To do that however, he has to leave the city and enter the lawless deserts straight out of an apocalyptic sci-fi thriller, crawling with bloodthirsty gangs and the rusting junkyards of a former civilisation.

He engages a tracker, Edith (Griffith), a feisty, foxy redhead who agrees to help him find a new doll. For some reason, the gangs that roam the deserts hate trackers, but they have their hands full with Edith, an urbane warrior just as handy with her Mustang as she is with a gun or her fists.

Getting on the wrong side of a desert warlord, they soon have him and his soldiers hot on their tail as they try to reach a factory buried alongside a casino in the ruins of Nevada. By then Sam and Edith have shared their hot moment on the bonnet of the Mustang so you know exactly what's going to happen, but the cut corners and low budget are a real disappointment.

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