As far as musicals go, as well delivered and well structured as any. Personally, I hate musicals, and every time someone breaks into a new song I cringe and plead for it to be short.

Story-wise, it's about everything that was anything in America's big city roaring 40's - fame and fortune, dames and broads, even murder.

A ditzy blonde, Roxy (certain she's destined for stardom) bumps off her double crossing lover and goes to jail. Once there she realises she's treading well-trod footsteps, that of Velma (Zeta Jones), who's using her own celebrity (courtesy of slick, opportunistic lawyer Richard Gere, showing more enthusiasm than he ever has on screen before) to forge her public image while inside.

Surrounded by a loving dolt husband (John C Reilly), crooked warden (Queen Latifah) and an assortment of crims, conmen, glamour and song, it's a treat for anyone who's cup of tea it is. Whatever your taste however, the performances by three actors not known for their singing and dancing talents do a great job - particularly Zeta Jones. The cinematography and costumes are both lavish and excellent and the whole package is neatly structured and paced and good fun.

... if you like musicals.

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