Christmas With the Kranks

Year: 2004
Director: Joe Roth
Writer: John Grisham
Cast: Tim Allen, Jamie Lee Curtis, Dan Aykroyd, Cheech Marin, Jake Busey
A useless, boring, stupid, ridiculous, tiresome load of crap, without even a hint of drama in the story, instead a bunch of loosely connected and ultimately pointless set pieces.

Also full of the sort of morals about how community and family are so important you want to retch - would you rather deal with your small minded WASP neighbours and blow a fortune on more crap or take a cruise at Christmas. The Kranks realise their 'mistake' near the end, saying 'what a stupid idea to try and skip Christmas'.

The moral of the story; you can't escape the commercial juggernaut, so don't try. Be a good little consumer.

A suburban bozo and his wife decide to skip Christmas because their daughter is away - they go through the arguing with comical neighbours, they kid says she's coming home after all and they have to put it all back on again with a day to spare.

Too many shifts in purpose and too much kids' comedy. The one funny scene is of Tim Allen trying to eat and drink after a Botox treatment.

John Grisham - who wrote this - should be very embarrassed and stick to courtroom dramas.

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