City Slickers

Year: 1991
Director: Ron Underwood
Writer: Lowell Ganz/Babaloo Mandell
Cast: Billy Crystal, Daniel Stern, Bruno Kirby, Patricia Wettig, Helen Slater, Jack Palance, David Paymer, Yeardley Smith
Billy Crystal ingests so much likeability and energy into the role of Mitch that this very studio production is hard not to like as three friends with very distinct characters go off on their annual bondage pilgrimage; driving cattle cross country.

Heaps of laughs (most of the courtesy of Crystal's neurotic man out of his element shtick), a hint of danger, romance and plenty of escapism and good fun. The three leads bounce off each other well and their chemistry is most of the reason the film works. The guy who played Ed didn't come back after the original because of a personality clash with Crystal and the sequel suffered for it by replacing him with the mostly stupid Jon Lovitz.

Ron Howard regulars Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandell wrote the sript.

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