Clash of the Titans

Year: 1981
Studio: MGM
Director: Desmond Davis
Producer: Ray Harryhausen
Cast: Harry Hamlin, Maggie Smith, Burgess Meredith, Ursula Andress, Laurence Olivier
I didn't realise when I saw this movie as a kid years ago it was from the mind of Ray Harryhausen. Nowadays, that fact gives it a certain cult appeal, but at the time I just thought it was cool - Greek gods, heroes and monsters in ballet.

The devil guy thing was the coolest because he was a real character, and even though you can see where it's an actor and where it's a cheesy atop-motion animation characters quite easily, all the monsters were well done, and the idea transcended the effects (which should still be the case in movies even today, but sadly isn't).

It's the story of Perseus, Andromeda and Cassiopia, thankfully one of the most visually rich of the Greek myths as Perseus fought both the Minotaur and Medusa, with the Kraken thrown in for good measure (even though it's not from Greek mythology).

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