Year: 2006
Studio: Columbia
Director: Frank Coraci
Cast: Adam Sandler, Kate Beckinsale, Christopher Walken, David Hasselhoff, Henry Winkler, Julie Kavner, Sean Astin, Jennifer Coolidge
You an always trace the clout an actor amasses as he goes through his career, and Adam Sandler's power behind the scenes has been easy to spot at every step along the way, from an MTV idiot-for-hire in Billy Madison to a producer with an eye for his own credibility in Click.

He's also smart enough to know his brand and audience though, so there are enough frat party jokes to keep his original fans amused.

In a very marketable story (summed up in the line 'I want a remote control to make my life a little less complicated') and a hero inbuilt with a plight we can identify with, Sandler plays an up and coming architect. He's trying so hard to get ahead he's forgetting his family, and right there you can see the Moral Of The Story from every Disney movie ever made about family being more important than work.

The remote indeed controls his life, cueing plenty of jokes about what we'd all do with a superpower of some sort (slapping the shit out of our boss, slowing down a passing jogger to stare at her breasts, fast forward through foreplay).

Things get out of control when the remote starts forwarding through things he doesn't want to miss, and before he knows it his children are grown up, his wife has left him and his life is empty despite him achieving everything he worked for.

Very unlike an Adam Sandler movie, the last half hour gets so serious and heartfelt it's nearly devoid of laughs.

Sweet, a little sad, but full of trademark Sandler humour, but he's getting better all the time.

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