A teenagers movie, but surprisingly entertaining. For a kid, Bradford has quite a lot of charisma, enough for his character to virtually carry the whole movie.

He plays a kid with a mostly absent scientists father who leaves behind a mysterious watch while on a business trip. Zak (Bradford) finds it and discovers it' incredible power to freeze time around him.

Together with beautiful new girl Francesca, he starts out having a good time until goons from a top secret government agency break into his house and he realises there's a conspiracy and a dangerous group behind the watch.

Dragged into the thick of it with the babe, his father and a science student held prisoner, Zak predictably saves the day amid some pretty cool effects, much better acting that the genre warrants, and something that just seems to work despite itself.

Once again product placement is taken to ridiculous new levels as the mention of eBay is written into the script at least half a dozen times and the computers the villains use to network their futuristic, top secret lair are all original models Apple iBooks.

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