Coffin Rock

Year: 2009
Production Co: Head Gear Films
Director: Rupert Glasson
Writer: Rupert Glasson
Cast: Lisa Chappell, Sam Parsonson, Robert Taylor

The marketing that accompanied this film promised it was from the producers of Fatal Attraction and similar films from the 'psycho vengeful lover' subgenre.

Writer/director Rupert Glasson uses the bleak climes of the remote seaside South Australia town location to great effect, whether it's the sprawling house where Jessie (Chappell) and Rob (Taylor) live or the seafood processing plant Jessie works at.

We meet the married couple in the midst of fertility dramas that threaten the marriage as emotions run high, so Jessie's easy prey for the good looking young Irish itinerant Evan (Parsonson) who's drifted into town and got a job at the plant and who we soon uinderstand is completely psychopathic.

A fight and a drunk night out later and Jessie finds herself in bed with Evan (or more accurately, laying back among the fish heads). Wishing nothing more than to forget it ever happened when she sobers up, Jessie finds she can't for two reasons.

Not only is she pregnant with a baby she assumes can't be her husband's, but Evan won't take no for an answer, apparently believing they're meant to be together and showing up in her life in increasingly creepy circumstances that soon turn deadly.

It's a well-structured, high quality looking film and while it doesn't quite produce the nerve-sawing chills of Wolf Creek it's definitely in the same class and if you want an effective thriller, it's worth your time.

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