The Color of Money

Year: 1986
Director: Martin Scorsese
Cast: Paul Newman, Tom Cruise, Mary Elizabeth Mastrontonio, John Turturro
The film that spelled the breakout of a sincere new talent. There was always a good actor inside Tom Cruise struggling to get out, and as soon as he got over the little boy fantasy roles as racing car drivers, fighter pilots and bartenders he was bound for good rather than just big things.

Scorsese gave him his first chance as cocky snooker player Vince who meets up with Newman's aging hustler in this unofficial sequel to The hustler.

Cruise plays his swagger up to the max, clearly setting himself up for the fall and believing every minute of it. I remember saying to a friend of mine at the time how honoured he must have felt to be working with such a legend. He thought Newman should be excited to be working with Cruise.

Eddie finds Vince hamming it up in a local pool hall, and he sees a natural - albeit green - player, convincing Vince to come on the road with him and ply his old trade, with Vince's girlfriend Carmen (Mastrontonio).

On the way they both learn about honesty, the con, and how far they'll go for both those qualities and skills, and while the story isn't anything out of the ordinary, you're watching it being played out in the hands of two masters of the acting craft.

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