Color of Night

Year: 1994
Director: Richard Rush
Cast: Bruce Willis, Jane March, Lesley Ann Warren, Lance Henriksen, Eriq La Salle
A huge flop and the film that Bruce Willis is criticised the most for (and in which he shows his dick). Also a death blow to the career of promising starlet Jane March, who played an equally sexy part in the excellent The Lover.

She emerged from this film with her credibility in tatters and as far as I've seen she's been in nothing else except the low key Tarzan remake starring the equally desperate Caspar Van Dien out of Starship Troopers.

Part noir thriller, part sex fantasy, it deals with a therapist who loses his coloured sight after the traumatic suicide of a patient in front of him (Willis).

He escapes by staying with a rich friend of his in his LA mansion, but after the friend is bumped off things turn nasty (including a rattlesnake in the letterbox). At the same time, the hero meets a delicious young woman (March) whom he proceeds to shag the arse off.

I actually turned it off during the second sex scene in the shower because it was taking forever to get anywhere, watching it again a few years later to discover it ended up a pretty run of the mill - if brooding - thriller with a surprise twist about the identity of his beautiful lover and the weird kid in his support group.

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